This body of work focuses on Taiwo, a 500level student of Veterinary Medicine in a Nigerian institution who aims to be a lifting hand to others through his talks and motivations. He recently launched his talk sessions - Dr Tee's Initiative - just as a sign of taking the bull by the horns.

He said, "I see it quite funny actually, but I don't feel weird whenever people ask me how I intend to combine being a trained veterinary doctor and a motivational speaker". Taiwo actually do feel so happy and great with that fact, as it serves as an opportunity for him to help people the more, beyond what his educational training can offer. "I get even more confident when I engage in motivational speaking which seems to be one of the major reasons why I was born", he said!

Although things are not really promising for him now, as he had to read most books on PDFs due to his current financial constraints.

However, he so full of hope, "...that can't stop me, my hope in the future is not tied to situation of things now". He said with much confidence in his speech. He has one goal - to help people achieve their dreams and visions.

Taiwo sees this challenging times (because of the pandemic) for the world has an opportunity for him to work more on his mind, skills and passion.

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